Donna J. Goes

I live in Hull, MA, a wonderful spot along the New England coast, home to Nantasket Beach and former home of Paragon Park.

A while back, on a warm summer day, as I settled in under the shade of a tree with my granddaughter Paige to watch her big sister Zoe's soccer game, boundless energy buzzed around me. The field was filled with young families, some there to play, others to watch. A woman with a new baby sat nearby and as I watched her with her children, a feeling of sorrow washed over me. As a young single mom, I struggled to make my way in the world. I always thought I'd have another child, a family beyond just the two of us. But it wasn't to be and now the loss of that dream was laid out there before me. It never happened. I felt sorry for myself.

Ok, enough with the self pity! You are the luckiest person in the world! You have a loving husband and family, two beautiful grandchildren, dear friends, an amazing place to live, etc, etc.. SO many good things have been bestowed upon you. You're living a lucky life!

In that moment on the field, I realized that in looking at the things I've lost, I can come to appreciate all I have. I am grateful for it all.

I have a Lucky Life!